About Wu De

This February we’ll be hosting Zen monk Wu De (Aaron Fisher) in Tallinn for a series of unique, rare, tea and Zen related events.

Wu De – international author, teacher and founder of Global Tea Hut magazine – is a true Chajin (tea person) and a friend of Estonia. This is his 4th visit to Estonia to share tea wisdom and experience.

Wu De relates to tea as many ancient wise ones before him – as a ’Dao’, as a way of life, as a method of personal transformation. His approach to tea as medicine that connects us with our inner nature and with the Great Nature around us, has inspired thousands of people around the world.

This space and these teachings are unique on the planet. Wu De’s teachings bridge the gap between ancient Eastern traditions and Western knowledge. He has introduced living tea as a medicine for body and soul to a thirsty Western audience.

For the past decade, Wu De has been teaching the ancient practice of serving tea at Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan – a non-profit Zen and tea centre, run on donations only.

The centre’s monthly magazine (that includes a tin of sustainably produced tea), Global Tea Hut has grown to connect thousands of tea lovers and spiritual seekers in over 60 countries.

Wu De is dedicated to sharing a life of Tea free of personal profit. Events are donation based. If you are incapable of meeting the suggested donation, we do our best to accommodate. Ultimately we are here to build community and would love one day to share tea around the world free of charge.

All the support we receive goes toward covering the cost of travel expenses, venue rentals, etc. Wu De travels humbly, staying with students or homes opened to him. Anything generated beyond this goes towards Tea Sage Hut – a free Tea centre in Taiwan, or to raise funds for the future bigger centre – Light Meets Life.